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Shuttle and Transportation Disclaimer


  1. All shared transportation services are not owned or operated by DUE SOUTH TRAVELS and are subcontracted. The quality of the vans, buses, and shuttles may vary and does not necessarily reflect our quality norms. Any claim should be directed to the operator of the transportation service. 

  2. The vehicles used for our subcontracted shared shuttle services may vary in terms of condition and types of seats. Please be advised that the shuttles may be fully booked which means some customers may be seated in accessory (fold down) seats. Specific seat assignments/reservations are not permitted. We advise you to always wear your seatbelt when they are available.

  3. All shared transportation services pick-up a number of passengers from various locations and may be delayed picking up from the scheduled departure time. Please plan your trip accordingly. We ask that you be ready at your departure point ten minutes before scheduled pick-up and you may have to wait up to 30 minutes or more for departure, depending on the number of pick-ups and the route.

  4. Road conditions in Guatemala vary. Plan on slow travel on curvy, mountainous roads with only one or two lanes. Traffic may stop due to construction, accidents, road blocks, or protests. DUE SOUTH TRAVELS and their subcontracted transportation companies are not liable for any delay in transportation resulting from weather, accidents, traffic, protests, demonstrations, or numerous pick-ups. Google Maps may give a travel estimate based upon the recommended speed limit but oftentimes the travel time provided is much faster than the actual trip time. Please do not rely on Google Maps for route or travel time estimates. Inquire with us and we will give you an honest estimate of travel time.

  5. Most of our bus services are direct with no change of bus, however, sometimes a change of bus is required. Please inquire with us if you are concerned about switching vehicles and we will inform you which routes may incur a switch.

  6. We are not responsible for forgotten items, however, we will do our best to find and return any lost belongings. Please notify us immediately if you have forgotten any personal items during your route.

  7. Excess baggage may incur an additional charge of up to Q50. Excess baggage is anything over one full size luggage item and one carry-on size piece. The fee will be payable directly to the driver. Baggage is usually secured to the roof of the vehicle and during the rainy season, is wrapped in plastic, however, we do not guarantee that contents will stay dry. 

  8. Most drivers are Spanish speaking only. Should you have any questions, please direct your inquiries to us at Due South Travels. 

  9. All shared transportation bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

  10. By booking any shared transportation services with us, you automatically agree to the above terms and conditions.


We can provide PRIVATE taxi service between any of our listed routes. Please contact us for a quote if you are concerned with any of the above conditions.

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