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Our story and why we moved to Guatemala

Guatemala Living & Lifestyle

Kevin and Tiffani

Guatemala Living & Lifestyle
Guatemala Living & Lifestyle
Guatemala Living & Lifestyle

Why We Moved to Guatemala

We're Kevin and Tiffani, two gringos who recently sold everything we owned and made the full-time move to Guatemala.  Welcome to our website, where it's our goal to educate anyone curious about this magical country and all the wonderful things about it.  Whether to visit, live, retire, or invest in, let us show you why you would want to and how you can!

From Guatemala's healthy lifestyle and perfect "Eternal Spring" weather every single day to the organic fruits and vegetables grown on local farms (no GMO's here!) and delivered fresh to the mercados and grocery stores daily,  the gorgeous Spanish Colonial architecture and mystical Mayan temple ruins, and finally, the extremely warm and welcoming "Chapin" people.  Life is really good here! 

The Cost of Living is 50% Less and Life is Stimulating Again

We were looking for a change in our lives.  At 54 and 48 years old, our son had just moved out on his own, and we needed something new and exciting in our lives.  Like all of our friends and family, we were buried with life and work.  Life seemed mundane.  That was until we took a vacation trip to Antigua, Guatemala, in 2018, and what we discovered changed everything for us. 

The first thing we discovered was the delicious FOOD!  Fresh fruits and vegetables that actually have flavor and taste like real food, like you used to remember having as a kid.  The second thing we discovered was that they call Guatemala the "Land of Eternal Spring," and that is definitely the perfect description.  Typical days are a cool 58-degree morning and 74-degree afternoon.  Every day is beautiful, and the land is lush and green.

Guatemala Living & Lifestyle

As we fell in love with this magical country and began investigating more, we found that we could live for 50% less than our living expenses in the United States, between the housing, utilities, and food.  We now eat better and healthier than ever before and for so much less.  And no more dealing with the cold and snow!  We made the move and retired in May 2021 and have not looked back at all.


The best part about Guatemala for both of us, which came as quite a surprise, is by far the people.  Ever since we were children, we have been told how dangerous this place (well, all of Central America) is, and we have discovered it to be just the opposite.  We absolutely love everything about this country, but it's the Guatemalan people that make this the friendliest place on earth, in our opinion. 


If you are in the same position we were a few years ago and are looking for a change in your life, we would love to tell you more of our personal story and share any information with you, from home prices to the quality of life here.  It never hurts to ask!

Time is all we really have, and it's so important to live this life we are given to the fullest.  We started Guatemala Living & Lifestyle to help educate others about the possibility of retiring early and living the life you've always dreamed about.

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