Lake Atitlan Guatemala



Antigua Guatemala

Are you interested in relocating, investing, or retiring in Guatemala?  Learn why it just may be the perfect place for you!

IF 50% LESS COST OF LIVING, PERFECT SPRING WEATHER EVERYDAY, FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES AND A MUCH HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE sounds good to you then Guatemala might be the perfect fit for you. Immerse yourself in unspoiled colonial Spanish architecture, explore a rich and intact native Mayan culture, have perfect year-round weather since it's the "Land of Eternal Spring," engage with extremely friendly people, eat fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the local farms, and have a healthy and exciting lifestyle, Guatemala should be on your shortlist.  You can live very comfortably in this wonderous country for $1200-$1500 per month, including rent, or purchase a beautiful home for only $150,000 to $200,000.  Guatemala is a true jewel in Central America's crown that should not be overlooked.  There are adventurous ex-pats on both the Caribbean and Pacific coasts and tucked into the several charming communities on the shores of awe-inspiring Lake Atitlan, but you’ll find most folks live in the old capital of La Antigua.  Granted UNESCO World Heritage status in 1979, Antigua is a culturally rich haven for architecture lovers, foodies, and coffee aficionados.  The one word that is used most to describe this gorgeous place is "magical."  Come visit and let us show you!